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Prince Glover Hayes Partners Matt Glover and Coe Baxter Settle Lawsuit Against Trucking Company and Its Driver

PGH partners Matt Glover and Coe Baxter have settled a lawsuit filed against a trucking company and the company’s driver for substantial confidential amount.  The complaint alleged that the driver of the truck was going over the posted speed limit and was driving the truck in a negligent and wanton manner.  The driver, in his answer to the complaint, denied he was going over the speed limit and instead alleged our client turned in front of him, thereby causing the collision.  Another count in the complaint alleged the trucking company negligently and/or wantonly entrusted the truck to a driver who it knew or should have known was incompetent.  Matt deposed the truck driver and learned he had been stopped for speeding four times in the past.  The inspection of the truck and the download of the truck’s computer information including the speed at which it was travelling, confirmed that the truck was going over the speed limit when the collision occurred.


Using this information, plus answers to discovery requests that Matt and Coe had filed, they presented their case to a mediator.  During mediation in late March, the parties reached an agreement to settle the case. Matt and Coe were very pleased with the settlement and their client was glad a trial had been avoided.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a wreck involving an 18-wheeler, call Matt, Coe, or any of the other experienced truck wreck attorneys at Prince Glover Hayes.