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The PGH Way


With over 100 years of combined experience, the attorneys at Prince Glover Hayes have the reputation of being knowledgeable, hard-working courtroom lawyers who are devoted to their clients.  The PGH Way is simple:  We counsel, we advocate, we litigate

Starting with the initial client interview, we want to hear all about your experiences:  your physical injury, any emotional effects and any financial hardships you are undergoing.  This is where we will begin to build your case.  We are good listeners and we will counsel you regarding the entire process and how you will be involved. 

After listening to your story, our lead investigator, retired Tuscaloosa Police Chief Ken Swindle, will leave no stone unturned as he gathers additional information.  PGH employs numerous researchers and experts to thoroughly delve into your case and examine the law as they work to bring you justice.


We will connect with the adverse party’s insurance carrier and advocate for you, requesting compensation for you and your injuries.  If the insurance company denies fault for their policy holder or if the compensation offered is inadequate, we will move forward with filing a lawsuit.

Frequently, we propose a mediator to assist the parties in reaching a compromise and resolve the lawsuit without going to trial. We use some of the same tools at mediation that we use at trial:  computer animation of an event, video, expert opinions and document evidence.   Because of extensive preparation and presentation skills, PGH truly excels in this phase of a lawsuit and we have successfully mediated many of our cases.


If we do not reach an acceptable settlement at mediation, we then finalize trial preparation.  The attorneys at PGH are not afraid to litigate.  Our opponents know this and know that we will present your case with passion and conviction.  We will fight for you and with you until your case has been properly concluded. 

Prince Glover Hayes is proud of our winning record and the attorneys who work diligently to make the voices of our clients heard.  But this pride is far outweighed by the gratitude we have for the amazing clients who put their faith in us and trust us to serve them and seek justice for them.