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In Alabama, there’s no doubt that large commercial trucks play a significant role in our diverse and ever-growing economy. With more than 9,100 commercial trucking companies based in Alabama alone, and thousands more passing through our state daily, these large vehicles are a constant presence. 

For the employees that load or unload commercial vehicles at the numerous trucking docks in Tuscaloosa and other cities in Alabama, there is no shortage of work to be done – and unfortunately, a significant amount of risk that comes with the job. Loading dock accidents are an all-too-common occurrence in Alabama and around the world, often leading to debilitating injuries, medical expenses, lost income, and even long-term disability or death.

If you’ve been the victim of an accident at a loading dock, and feel that you may be entitled to compensation, the Tuscaloosa accident lawyers at Prince Glover Hayes are here to help.

Risk Factors that Affect Truck Loading Dock Workers

When you consider the hustle and bustle of a typical loading dock, as well as the variety of mechanical equipment and physical set-up involved, it’s not surprising that it’s commonplace for injury. 

According to a recent article from Safety + Health, the official publication of the National Safety Council, about 25 percent of all warehouse-related injuries take place on the loading dock. This means that for warehouse workers injured on the job, there’s a one in four chance that their accident occurs in a loading dock bay. In fact, if you search the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) online database of loading dock-related injuries, you’ll come up with hundreds of pages of results.

Some of the many dangers of loading docks include:

● Slip and fall accidents. There are many situations in which a warehouse worker can be injured as the result of a slip and fall accident at a loading dock, making it one of the most common causes of workplace injury in this field. Trucks, equipment, forklifts, and containers can spill oil or water, leading to slippery surfaces and serious danger.
Load or pallet tip-overs. When loads and pallets are stacked for loading, they can easily become dangerous for warehouse workers. During transport, a stacked load can easily become unstable, tipping onto a worker when the trailer door is opened. Pallets that have been stacked incorrectly can also fall, hurting workers in various locations on the dock as well.
Truck backing injuries. Finding yourself caught between a backing truck and the loading dock can be a terrifying experience, one that has resulted in a number of injuries and deaths. In seconds, a warehouse worker can be crushed under the vehicle or between the dock and truck, causing serious (and even fatal) injuries.
Forklift injuries. Forklifts are a necessary piece of equipment on every loading dock, but they can also contribute to warehouse injuries. An employee can be run over by a forklift, or fall victim to a forklift that has tipped over or fallen off the edge of a dock.
Lifting injuries. In a warehouse, back injuries are commonplace – but they often occur on the loading dock. Due to the fast pace of loading and unloading work, as well as a lack of proper safety measures, workers can often injure themselves.
Exposure. From hazardous materials and noise pollution to the dangerous carbon dioxide in vehicle exhaust, loading dock workers are exposed to a variety of dangers every day.
Early departure. If a truck isn’t secured properly, it can begin moving away from the dock before workers are ready. As a result, it creates a gap that forklift operators and other workers can fall into.
Trailer creep. In the event that a dock leveler isn’t correctly positioned, a raised gap between the trailer and dock can pose a major risk. When forklifts attempt to cross over this gap, they can easily topple over. Workers on foot can also trip, injuring themselves in a fall.
Landing gear issues. If a trailer’s landing gear fails, the trailer can tip over and put workers in danger of being crushed beneath or stuck inside.

What is the Employer Responsibility for Loading Dock Accidents?

All employers are required to provide a reasonably safe work environment, particularly in areas that are especially hazardous – like a truck loading dock. It is your employer’s responsibility to make safety gear, training, and equipment accessible for regular use. 

Currently, OSHA has established specific regulations relating to loading dock safety, and your employer is required to follow all guidelines, including those addressing:

  • ● Use of mechanical equipment
  • ● Secure storage
  • ● Housekeeping
  • ● Clearance limits
  • ● Guarding


If an employer fails to adhere to these guidelines, and a worker is injured as a result, legal action may be taken.

Compensation for Your Loading Dock Injury


Typically, anytime an employee is injured on the job, Alabama’s Workers’ Compensation Laws serve as a basis for proper compensation. Additionally, Alabama employers are legally required to have worker’s compensation insurance, which may contribute to the cost of medical care, lost wages, and various other expenses. 
These basic benefits are guaranteed by Alabama law, but you may be eligible for further compensation with help from our Tuscaloosa workplace injury lawyers. With our legal expertise, you can do everything possible to maximize your financial recovery efforts and be fairly compensated for your pain and suffering. Depending on your specific situation, you may be able to file a lawsuit requesting compensation for:

● Past and future medical expenses
● Lost wages and earning potential
● Pain and Suffering

Let Prince Glover Hayes Fight for Your Rights After a Loading Dock Accident

Are you or a loved one the victim of a loading dock truck accident? After experiencing the trauma of an accident at work, knowing which steps to take next can feel like a monumental challenge. But with the loading dock truck accident lawyers from Prince Glover Hayes on your side, you won’t be alone.

With more than 40 years of legal experience, our Tuscaloosa law firm has helped thousands of clients pursue rightful compensation in the face of injustice. We’ve worked closely with accident victims to take a stand against large trucking companies, corporations, and insurance companies alike, serving as a safeguard for your workplace rights. Our accident lawyers are dedicated to pursuing the best possible outcome to your case, utilizing our extensive expertise and unfailing determination to fight for you.

Whether you’re entitled to maximum workers’ compensation benefits or a financial settlement from a third party, Prince Glover Hayes will be your caring and compassionate partner in the legal process. Don’t settle for suffering in silence – you have a legal right to the fair resolution to your injury case.

Take your first steps towards justice by contacting our Tuscaloosa law office to schedule your consultation today.


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