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Car Accident Case Valuation


This is among the first questions many people ask themselves when they consider contacting a lawyer to handle the aftermath of a serious accident. It’s only natural to want some certainty that you’ll be receiving the compensation you deserve after dealing with a traumatic experience that is, unfortunately, all too common across the country.

At Prince Glover Hayes, we’re here to give you the best representation possible throughout your case and the peace of mind you need during these tough times. We’ve been in the business of protecting the rights of car and truck accident victims and all other residents of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, since 1979. We’ve handled many cases over the years, giving us the experience and knowledge needed to offer you peace of mind and an informed estimate on what your case is worth.

How Much are Car Accident Cases Worth?

There is no single answer to this question. The worth of a case is determined by a large range of factors, from the extent of any personal injuries received by the victim to the status of the adverse driver who was behind the wheel at the time of the accident. Some of the most prominent factors that contribute to the final sum you might receive from your case include:

  • The severity of your injuries

  • How much work and wages you miss as a result of the accident

  • The interruption of usual tasks performed throughout your everyday life due to related injuries

  • Potential permanence of the injury sustained

  • The frequency and amount of additional future medical bills

  • Potential continued pain and suffering from the injury in question

  • Scarring or disfigurement directly caused by the accident

  • The loss of personal property (phones, clothes, watches, etc.)

  • The amount and severity of damage done to your car during the crash

Each of these details will impact how much your case is worth at the end of the process. Generally, accidents resulting in severe injuries that are permanent, involve long-lasting or permanent pain and require frequent, continued visits to medical professionals in the aftermath will merit a far larger figure than accidents resulting in minor car damage and little personal injury to the individuals inside your vehicle.

Another determining factor is the fitness of the driver behind the wheel of the car or truck. A wide variety of factors contribute to truck accidents, including a lack of proper training, overweight trucks, and drivers working under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Each of these leads to a lack of reaction time, coordination, and sound judgment, highly contributing to the likelihood of an accident. If it’s found that the adverse driver was behind the wheel while under the influence, underwent improper training procedures before being sent out on the open road, or was operating the truck itself outside of federal regulations, your case will possibly result in a considerable increase to the final awarded sum.

Finally, another factor that will determine how much you receive at the end of your case is your attorney fees. If you didn’t pay anything upfront to your lawyer, you will likely end up paying them a portion of the settlement you receive. Exactly how much varies between firms, so it’s always best to get this information before hiring someone for the case. At PGH, we are your partners in the case, and don’t get paid unless we recover your damages. The bigger the settlement or verdict you receive, the more we both stand to gain.

Learn More About Your Case’s Value

While it may not be possible to pin down a definite sum right away, the lawyers at Prince Glover Hayes can put their decades of experience to use and assess your situation to provide you with an educated guess of what your case might be worth. Contact us for a car accident case valuation to get some clarity on the compensation you may receive after your lawsuit comes to an end. We’ll stand beside you to ensure your voice is heard during the entire case and get you the compensation you deserve after being involved in an accident.

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