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Truck Wrecks

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As personal injury attorneys, we focus much of our attention on cases involving injuries that result from vehicular collisions.   Sometimes, these injuries can be catastrophic.   In particular, injuries involving 18-wheelers and other large trucks are very common and over 25% of multiple vehicle collisions that result in passenger deaths involve these trucks.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, 4,201 people died in truck wrecks in 2017. More than two-thirds of those were occupants of passenger vehicles. The number of deaths for those driving or riding in cars colliding with a large truck rose 30 percent between 2009 and 2017.

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Factors That Contribute to Truck Wrecks

The highways, interstates, and roads are congested and dangerous places. With so many people and
automobiles on the streets, unsafe situations arise from a variety of factors. Road conditions, mechanical
issues, driver error, and unstable surfaces are just a few of the factors that may contribute to trucking
accidents. Drivers and passengers may fall victim to any of these situations.

● Improperly loaded trucks may overturn more easily.
● Poorly maintained or defective equipment may cause brake failure. Such a heavy vehicle cannot stop effectively with compromised brakes.
● Failure to check or maintain safety devices such as reflectors and lights can lead to accidents. Cars may inadvertently pull out in front of a large truck that is not visible.
● Poorly educated and trained drivers make mistakes that may cause crashes; this is especially true for new drivers.
● Drivers behind the wheel without proper rest or under the influence of drugs and alcohol are more prone to errors and accidents.
● Speeding and other forms of aggressive driving cause severe injuries and deaths in both large trucks and regular passenger cars. Drivers of other passenger cars may also be guilty of unsafe driving in the vicinity of a large truck.
● Driving in a large truck's blind spot or no-zone creates a dangerous situation. If the truck driver doesn't know the car is there, he or she can easily cause a collision or force a smaller vehicle off the road.
● Cars that merge improperly or pass in a no-passing zone can force a truck driver to slam on the brakes or speed up rapidly, causing a crash.
● Passenger cars often "cut off" a large truck by failing to maintain a consistent speed when changing lanes. Trucks may not be able to stop or change lanes in time to avoid a crash.
● A disabled vehicle left fully or partially in the path of a large truck can create a road hazard by forcing the truck to change lanes abruptly. Road conditions and weather play a significant role in large truck accidents. When managing such a heavy vehicle, even a slight deterioration in road conditions can cause a serious accident.
● The sun, rain, fog, or poor lighting can impair visibility, causing a truck driver to fail to see a smaller vehicle.
● Floods and ice can create slippery road conditions.
● The road itself may be poorly designed. Signs may be hard to see or nonexistent. Potholes and other bumps in the road can send a large truck careening off the road. Construction projects narrow the lanes making safe passage difficult.

Why Choose Prince Glover Hayes

When you find yourself in need of legal counsel because of a trucking accident, you need an attorney who
knows the laws in your jurisdiction. The professionals at Prince Glover Hayes thoroughly understand the
Alabama Rules of the Road as well as the Federal Motor Carrier Regulations.


These Tuscaloosa truck accident lawyers are also skilled negotiators who know how to deal with insurance companies and other adversarial parties.

The firm maintains an extensive network of subject matter experts who can help determine precisely how the crash happened. This work may involve interviewing witnesses, studying the scene, and inspecting the vehicles involved to gather valuable evidence.

Prince Glover Hayes is a pioneer in the use of technology to negotiate and win in the courtroom. Computer animation can help show the jury how the accident happened and what the consequences were. PowerPoint presentations and videotaped depositions are valuable evidence for a jury. The success of these techniques are evident in the verdicts that Prince Glover Hayes has achieved.

● $15.5 million settlement in a collision between an 18-wheeler and a car
● $1.5 million settlement in a case of negligent hiring of a driver
● $450,000 verdict in a tractor-trailer crash

Because of the complex nature of trucking accidents, you should seek legal counsel once you've seen to all medical needs. Prince Glover Hayes has the experience, knowledge, and reliability you need to navigate such a difficult situation.

What to Do If You're Involved in a Truck Accident


With extensive experience in handling trucking collisions, this group of Tuscaloosa truck accident attorneys can help you get the best possible outcome for your injury claim.

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The attorneys and staff at Prince Glover Hayes take seriously the opportunity to represent our clients in an effective, aggressive, and ethical way. Consistent with our membership in the Alabama Association for Justice, we strive to make sure any person who is injured by the misconduct or negligence of others gets justice in the courtroom, even when taking on the most powerful special interests.

Here are a few examples of the verdicts and settlement we have been able to secure for our clients

18-Wheeler Slams Car: $15.5 Million Settlement

Drowsy Truck Driver Kills Man: $3.5 Million Settlement

Collision Involving 18 Wheeler: $2 Million Settlement

Truck Driver Hiring Negligence: $1.5 Million Settlement

Case Involving Tractor Trailer: $650,000.00

18 Wheeler Crashed Into Convenience Store: $488,000.00 Settlement

Tractor Trailer Rear-Ended Person: $450,000.00